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All-Love / SKHM

SKHM (pronounced as Say Kem) is also written as Sekhem.
It embraces the meaning of ‘to be proficient’, ‘to master’,
‘using strength to manage situation’,
"supreme spiritual power or energy".
It is one’s life force potential or latent strength.

Through All-Love / SKHM energy healing,
you can have the opportunity to feel the sacred initiation from the heart
and experience a feeling of unconditional love.
This is a beautiful and serene experience ---
an experience that unite us with the earth below and heaven above,
and connect us with the whole universe.

What set All-Love apart from other energy systems
is its direct energy descend into our existence,
as if to bring forth heaven to earth.
The moment this initiation from the source bestows upon us,
heaven unveils itself, like the lotus flower blooms above water.

All-Love / SKHM enable us to witness love at a higher perspective,
a love that is not confined just within human relationship,
but a love that encompasses broad spectrum of the universe.
Having received love at different levels,
we are also given the opportunity to receive the various aspects that our life presents to us,
which spontaneously give rise to true strength and power.
Ultimately, the light from the source shine forth upon the flower of our crown chakra.


  • Based on frequency of the sessions.

  • Duration of each session is between 40 mins and 1 hr depending on individual’s needs & conditions.

  • Normally we would recommend a round of 4 sessions which enable All-Love energy healing to be more complete.

1 time / NT$3,000

4 times / NT$10,800

6 times / NT$14,400

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