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Aura-Soma Reading

Aura-Soma reading is a form of soul therapy using colour as a medium of interpretation. Through the universal language of colour, we are able to break through existing human conditions and moral judgment. From such new perspectives and by searching within our heart, we discover our true being and intrinsic desires.

The idea behind Aura-Soma is that the colours you pick is driven by your inner self. Thus, using the beautiful array of bi-coloured equilibrium oils, we can examine the past to help you live in the present and to manage your future. Thus armed, we are then better prepared to continue on our life's path with confidence and clearer insight.

Within each individual, lies a unique and touching life story waiting to unfold. Such individual uniqueness is captured in each of the Aura-Soma combination of colours. The moment when you pick your Aura-Soma bottles, you have already begun to unlock the door to your own destiny.

The coloured bottles you pick are interpreted by an Aura-Soma practitioner, who will then guide you to a deeper understanding of your potential, the challenges in the present and what's to come, while sharing with you on how to navigate the future.


• Based on the duration of the session as follows:

1 hr / NT$4,400

1 hr 30 mins / NT$5,000

2 hrs / NT$5,500


Email admin@heliosphere.biz with the following details:

  • Name

  • Sex: Male / Female

  • Contact number

  • Date of Birth [Gregorian calendar e.g. 21st December 1978]

  • Time of Birth [Hour & minutes e.g. 1528h or 3.28pm]

  • Place of Birth (City/State/Country) [e.g San Franciso, California, USA]
  • Fee (inclusive of PayPal charges)

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