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Aura-soma Beamer Light Pen

"You are the colors you choose", said Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma.

We are all, in essence, beings of light. And light therapy reminds us of the origin of our existence as light - it gives us more opportunities and strength to be aware of our intrinsic characteristics and potential as a light being.

The Beamer Light Pen [BLP] has been developed to focus the energies of Aura-Soma into the body's acupuncture points, the twelve meridians, the eight extra meridians as well as the etheric body, astral body and other subtle energy fields around the body.It also combines the studies found in the East - the I Ching, Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine into its colour application. It also works seamlessly with the Indian Seven Chakra System.

With the help of BLP, Aura-Soma is able to make use of this dynamic method to help us develop more awareness and focus. Dr Albert Fritz Popp, a German Scientist, in his theory on bio-photon, has proven that light carries messages. Through the crystal minerals and the essence of natural plant herbs found in the bi-coloured Aura-Soma equilibrium oils, information can be decoded and transmitted from one cell to another and in turn transfer to the electromagnetic field in every part of our body.

The wisdom energies of the Aura-Soma colours, with the aid of the BLP, would then be able to penetrate into our body's meridian system, electromagnetic fields and subtle energy fields. This allows an in-depth and perfect transfer, as well as communication, between cells, of valuable information of the soul and hidden essence of the Kabbalah found in every bottle of the Aura-Soma equilibrium oil.

Regardless of the issues or discomfort you may be experiencing - physical discomfort, mental depression or emotional trauma - BLP's gentle and non-invasive approach is able to provide maximum support and assistance.


  • For the session, it is better to dress in white or light colours. Dark colours such as black should be avoided.

  • Includes Aura-Soma reading

  • Based on the duration of the session as follows:

1 hr / NT$4,400

1 hr 30 mins / NT$5,000

2 hrs / NT$5,500

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