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Astral Body Protection

The astral body is a subtle body between the spiritual soul and the physical body. In our spiritual practices, which includes tarot card reading, energy healing, psychic reading, channeling etc, it is inevitable that we are utilising our astral energy in the astral plane, which captures important messages, emotions and feelings. As a result, our astral body is also vulnerable to external negative energies projected by others. To maintain a peaceful balance, a protection of our astral body is essential.

The class includes an introduction of the astral plane & astral energy; the relationship between the astral body & subtle energy bodies; the interaction between low frequency & high frequency entities; a guided visualization on bringing out the best possible effect in the astral plane; and how to enable the astral body protection.

Please note that this Astral Body Protection class is currently taught in Chinese in Taiwan. Should you have any enquiries or would like to make any class arrangement, kindly email admin@heliosphere.biz for assistance.

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