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Crystal Healing

Most are attracted to the brilliance and glitter of mineral stones.
However, are you aware of the presence of light and knowledge in these stones that is even capable of being your spiritual guide and support your healing?

Mankind, during the Altanis period, has made use of the great power of crystals to create an unprecedented glorious civilization. Regardless it is energy resources for cities, record & download of information & intelligence, energy power for various transportation modes etc, all would need the support of such capability of crystals.

The silicon element found in crystals has many hidden mysterious power. Today’s computer and internet technology has capitalized on this silicon element to enable a speedy transmission and dissemination of information throughout the world.

In Shamanic practice which has close association with the force of nature, they also use such beautiful precious stones in their altar to bridge connection in all four directions, ancestral spirits as well as guardian forces. In the West, crystals have been used in energy healing and etheric surgery for many years. Many healers have also included the use of crystals in their healing session as well as to support the transformation of energy.

In this crystal healing session, Super 7, Sirius, Auralite 23, candle crystal, scepter crystal and other high frequency mineral stones are used to adjust and balance the energy of the body and spirit. In addition, various crystal formation(s) will be applied in accordance to individual’s needs. The magnetic process created in such crystal formation will also help in the healing session which otherwise could not be reached through physical contact.

At this moment, this crystal healing session is solely conducted on-site.


• Based on the duration of the session as follows:

1 hr / NT$4,400

1 hr 30 mins / NT$5,000

2 hrs / NT$5,500

Email admin@heliosphere.biz with the following details:

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