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Assessment of Hair Length to Maximize Energy Potential

Do you know that hair represents life force and vitality?

The most interesting part of this service is the assessment of your hair length. A suitable hair length, which varies according to individual, will maximize energy potential and in the process purify negative energy.

(Below is a modified abstract from Akasha Flower Essence)

Every individual has a particular hair length that is exclusive to one’s character. There is a very strong correlation between hair and individual’s energy. We can find many examples from history, fables and existing culture. Many tribes, for example the Indies, pay special attention in maintaining their long and beautiful hair. This is because long hair brings them recognition, appreciation and social status. And to remove one’s power, hair will be cut. Such treatment, in other culture, is also used to manage criminals. Kasper, a hero of German Puppet Theater, rescued his people by snipping off the wizard’s beard. Some Buddhist monks or certain religious groups shave their head as part of their purification ceremony. This is because hair stores various energies. Many people is unaware that this is an alternative way of purification which is similar to the method introduced by Akasha Flower Essence beauty products.

During the assessment, conducted by qualified Akasha Flower Essence Consultant, individual is able to

  • experience the response from different hair length,

  • understand the hair length or style that is beneficial or will boost their energy potential

  • eliminate incorrect thinking or information about hair

  • learn how to take care of their hair


30~45 mins / NT$1,200

Email admin@heliosphere.biz with the following details:

  1. Name

  2. Contact number


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