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There may a few of you who are curious about such healing modalities yet, feel sceptical of the effectiveness, e.g. "Did it work?", "What was supposed to have happened?" or even "Is that all?"

There may be situations when you are unable to decide for yourself the healing modality that you feel or think is most suitable for your particular situation. When this happens, you may let your heart (or gut) lead you or make the decision for you. You may also choose to leave it in the hands of the healer to decide for you, the best healing method or a combination of methods that would work best for you.

This is termed an open category session, which should be spontaneous. It is not merely a mix of methods but it is a session that is steered by the highest guiding principle ie the heart; a concerted effort between the universe, light beings, the healer and you.

There are two types of open category:

a)       Soul focus

This session goes straight to the root of the problem. You will deal with your fear and things that you don’t want to see. Usually you will have a sense of release and liberation after the session. All you need to prepare is to have an open mind during the process.

b)       River of Life

If life is a bumpy ride and you don't see a path in front of you, or if everything seems to come to a dead end for you, then you can consider this method. In essence, this method opens up new paths and gives you support in dispelling karmic entanglements and complicated relationships.  

Should you decide to try, come with an open mind. I believe that you will walk out with a new lease of life.  


1 hr / NT$4,400

1.5 hrs / NT$5,000

2 hrs / NT$5,500


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