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Sealing Up The Yin Eyes

There are many people who have uncanny experiences, witnessing spirits in stairwells, hotels, streets at night or deserted wilderness. They have become regular visitors to temples which help to pacify their startled experiences. There are some nights during my younger days that I did some immediate salvage before I am close to seeing such spooky presence. I would rather see beautiful human forms and also save the trouble to blank out unwanted images in my mundane life.

Seriously speaking, the ability to see ghosts and the ability to fly in the sky have no correlation to your spiritual development and practice. Such ability should not be used as a benchmark to determine the level of spirituality.

Adult may be able to handle the trauma of witnessing accidental paranormal activity. As for the case of young children, the quality of their sleep is probably affected and indirectly affecting their parents.

Through the years, I have handled and pacified many cases but didn’t officially list such session as one of my holistic services. However, the growing number has called for my attention to classify such session as one of my professional service offerings.

Please rest assured, in this session, that I will not use overpowering energy that might affect the development of your spiritual gift. In some cases, merely one session might not be able to produce a permanent success to seal up the yin eyes. Should there be subsequent session(s) required, the session fee will be NT$1000 for a duration of 20 mins.

There might be cases that could not be resolved by this particular service. As such, I would require you to send us, via email, a copy of your recent photograph and also state your actual name. I will pick up from there and assess if it is a situation that I could offer assistance to resolve.

Session comprises:

  • To find out the reason for having yin eyes. Be it in-born or developed at later stage.
  • Sealing up the yin eyes
  • To balance the chakra and energy body which are affected by the tremor
  • To resolve other level of spiritual disturbance
  • To balance the physical body and subtle energy body


First sessionNT$ 2,200 / 40 mins

Subsequent sessionNT$1,000 / 20 mins


Email admin@heliosphere.biz with the following details:

  1. Name

  2. Contact number




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