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2018 Flying Star Analysis

The annual flying stars change their location every year in the beginning of Spring. Starting from 4th February 2018, the respective flying star of the current period 8 will start to shift and occupy the respective grid. This will create both negative and positive impacts in your living space. Using the floor plan of your living space, you can divide them into 9 equal grids and follow the guidelines below:

(A) Northwest Flying Star #1

In 2018, the Flying Star #1 occupies the Northwest sector of your house. Flying Star #1 (water element) in Northwest sector (metal element) has a metal-produces-water productive relationship which enhances the positive influence of this auspicious Flying Star #1. This brings about good reputation and status, development and recognition at work or studies. It is particularly true for the head of the household.

In this Northwest sector, you can consider placing metal ornaments, Kuan Yin statue, crystals, aquarium or water fountain.

The Grand Duke Jupiter resides in the Northwest 1 (specifically 292.6 307.5 degrees) this year. As such, it is not recommended that you sit facing this direction so as to avoid being affected by its negative energy.

(B) West Flying Star #2

The West sector (metal element) of the house is unfavorable this year as the Flying Star #2 (earth element), which is known as the illness star, occupies this location. It affects our health or indicates health-related problems especially to female family member. Though there is a weakening impact of this inauspicious star in 2018, you should avoid spending too much time in the West sector especially you are pregnant or recovering from illnesses etc,

Suggested cures would include placing metal ornaments, Kuan Yin statue and crystals.

America, being in the West, would be influenced by this Flying Star #2. As such, we would expect political instability to continue and an increase in depression and mental health problem cases.

(C) Northeast Flying Star #3

The Northeast sector (earth element) is occupied by the Flying Star #3 (wood element) which is also known as the quarrelsome star. It brings lawsuits, disputes, defamation and accidents. We do not want to see more wood element in the Northeast sector this year such as wooden products, plants etc. We should also avoid water element in this area such as fish tank and water fountain as it will increase the negative impacts of Flying Star #3. Suggested cure will be placing metal ornaments or fire element such as candlelight.

Taiwan and Hong Kong reside in the Northeast sector. We would expect political unrest and uncertainties in these countries.

(D) South Flying Star #4

The Flying Star #4 (wood element) occupies the South sector (fire element) this year. It is also known as the Literary Art Star which brings popularity, charisma, peach blossom as well as improvement in academic activities.

Family members who are taking examinations or needed to boost creativity for work, they could spend more time in the South sector or place more wood element such as plants and wooden products.

If you are looking for romance luck (not suitable for married couple or those who are already attached), you can place hydroponics flower.

(E) North Flying Star #5

The North sector (water element) is the most dangerous place in year 2018 as it is occupied by Flying Star #5 (earth element) which brings upon misfortune, disasters and calamity.

You must be careful if your main door, living hall, study room or bedroom is located in the North sector. This is particularly true for young male in the family. In this sector, the suggested cure would be placing metal ornaments, Kuan Yin statue and crystals to pacify the negative energy. It is also best to avoid or minimize significant activities in this sector.

A serious natural disaster may happen in China which could bring numerous injuries and death.

In the Year of the Earth Dog, the Three Killings occupy the North sector. To avoid negative influence of the Three Killings, your back should NOT be facing North (specifically 7.6 352.5 degrees) this year; especially those born in the year of dragon, ox, goat, dog and rooster. Try to avoid disruptive activities in this area. If you need to start your renovation in the North sector, you have to select an auspicious date.

(F) Southwest Flying Star #6

Flying Star #6 (metal element) occupies the Southwest sector (earth element). The earth-produces-metal relationship further enhances the positive influence of Flying Star #6 which brings upon status, success and accomplishment at work.

If your main door is located at Southwest sector, you might have a small windfall. You can spend more time in this sector or consider placing metal ornaments.

(G) East Flying Star #7

Flying Star #7 (metal element) in the East sector (wood element) creates a metal-clashes-wood relationship which would result in slander, disputes, violence, loss of wealth and injuries.

If your main door, living hall, study room or bedroom is located in the East sector, the eldest son of the family has to take note of his health especially respiratory & oral health, mouth and lungs. Suggested cure id to place a still water feature in the East sector to minimize the impact of Flying Star #7.

(H) Southeast Flying Star #8

The most auspicious Flying Star #8 (earth element) in this current Period 8 occupies the Southeast sector (wood element). It brings happiness, fame and wealth. If your front door is in the Southeast sector, you can expect financial returns in investments and progress in your career.

It is recommended to use this area as much as possible. Remember to keep this area clean & uncluttered. Consider placing yang moving objects such as clock, fan, fish tank, television and water fountain.

(I) Centre Flying Star #9

Flying Star #9 (fire element) resides in the centre (earth element) this year. It is an auspicious star which brings good news and happy events such as engagement, marriage, giving birth etc.

It is recommended to spend more time in this area such as family gathering. You could consider putting yang moving objects, wooden ornaments, plants, lamp or candlelight. As the centre of the house represents the heart, it is important to keep this area clean and uncluttered.

By Danny Chu (Feb 2018)

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