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About Heliosphere

The Chinese translation of the word ‘Heliosphere’ would be ‘solar orbs’ or ‘solar hemisphere’. This is because Heliosphere is established with the blessings and glory of Ra. As the centre is located in near proximity to a Ferris wheel and with my constant allure to the sacred circular symbol, it is only natural to include the word ’ (literally means ‘wheel’ which denotes spherical & evolution) to its Chinese name ‘西里奧斯光之輪. To me, putting both the English name, Heliosphere, and its Chinese name ‘西里奧斯光之輪’ together truly represent the core energy of this centre.

My first encounter with anything Egyptian goes back to the comic book, Royal Emblem, in my early childhood. At that time, I did not have any particular thoughts but only find the ability of the main character to shuttle between different dimensions very intriguing. Years later, there is a period that Taiwan was crazy about this Japanese comic book series called Yu-Gi-Oh. One evening, I was reading Yu-Gi-Oh in my usual comic book store while waiting for a friend to fetch me. While reading Yu-Gi-Oh, I have a recollection of my past life in Egypt and, at the same time, there is a strong and powerful feeling that arose from within.

When I got into the car, my friend could not help but to ask, “Where did you get your sudden confidence?” After sharing my past life memories, she also revealed about her recollection in Egypt. We then realized that we have this connection in the past. There after, between then and now, there are some memories of my past lives and experiences that began to surface. As such, this particular Egypt-related episode became one of these experiences that I remember.

In year 2010, I started to learn Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki (SSR). I really like this Egyptian sacred energy which function is not limited to just healing purposes. During this time, I started to realize that there is already a lot of Egypt related symbols and occult in my surrounding. Beside Tarot that is traced to Ancient Egyptian reliefs, Aura-Soma, Thoth Tarot and other occult studies also have association with Ancient Egyptian Gods and mythology. Thus I intuitively know that the Ancient Egyptian sacred energy would act as a basis to fulfill and expand my vision. With this, Heliosphere 西里奧斯光之輪 is officially opened on 15th April, 2011! Looking at its natal chart, with Sun in Aries, Moon in Virgo & Scorpio in Ascendant, I have started to feel like being in love.

After establishing Heliosphere, I began to further develop and deepen all my holistic & spiritual practices; and, at the same time, face and conquer those unresolved issues. For me, holistic/spiritual services and occult have become a part and parcel of my life.  There is no longer a deliberate need to embrace spirituality. Even the value of the mundane things has begun to entail a different meaning.

Heliosphere 西里奧斯光之輪 offers more than just courses and healing sessions. It embraces different angle of acceptance and a wide variety of energy exchanges. Apart from me, we will also invite different teachers and facilitators to enrich our portfolio as well as to provide Taiwan and our collective consciousness a new lease of strength and energy. Thank you all the customers, friends, fans and supporters of Heliosphere 西里奧斯光之輪, especially Mahadev. It is indeed a great honor to meet like-minded people like you here!


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