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The Magick & Mystery of Runes
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced

Once used as an alphabet script, these symbols of mystery have now become a tool for magick and divination. Be startled and rewarded by how easily you can use these symbols, which originated in Northern Europe, in your daily lives for guidance as well as for spiritual development.

The basic workshop equips you with all the information and techniques required to use them for forecasting as well as prepare those interested in the use of runes for more esoteric purposes. Learn how the mythology and culture of the early Vikings influenced their unique form of divination. The form of the rune glyphs provides both fluidity and precision for a range of readings.

The intermediate workshop is designed for those who are interested in deepening their interpretation skills. Available only to those who have completed the Basic Course, it is also suggested that this level is best attempted after a thorough working knowledge of the runes has been acquired.

Topics discussed will include layouts/spreads of varying complexity and how to pick the appropriate spread relative to one’s skill as well as the issue under consideration. As this is more of a discussion group than a lecture, participants will be required to provide case studies for class discussion.

The advanced workshop will delve deeper into the use of runes in personal development through its use in affirmations, meditation and magick. Techniques on creating your own runes lay the foundation for magick work if so inclined. The creation and use of bindrunes as wards/amulets/talismans will be discussed with emphasis on the great responsibility such craft carry. Finally, we explore how to use runes in pathwork towards greater self-awareness.

Join us for an interesting journey in unlocking the wisdom of this ancient oracle.

Should you have any enquiries or would like to make any class arrangement, kindly email admin@heliosphere.biz for assistance.

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