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About Ambika Menon

“Ambika has always been interested in subjects as diverse as literature, psychology, metaphysics, mysticism, comparative theology, occultism etc. Then an unexpected encounter with a Tarot reader who went on to become a bosom buddy catapulted her from a boring and unfulfilling career in banking into the world of holistic healing. The birth of the new millennium was also the beginning of her new renaissance.


It is said that breakthroughs can only be achieved via breakdowns. It was certainly the case for her as the step onto her new life path happened as a result of many breakdowns of differing magnitudes. Yet once she embraced her new direction, synchronicity began to happen. She met various psychics and healers who encouraged and guided her sometimes through personal instruction, on her way to becoming one herself, culminating in her setting up Sanctum, a healing centre in 2004.


The services Ambika offers through Sanctum reflect both her individual interests, personal experiences and structured studies. Having an eclectic range of interests has allowed her to draw on different fields of knowledge when designing both individual consultations and workshops. While she identifies as Tibetan Buddhist as her primary spiritual orientation, she firmly believes in the universality of all paths to the Divine and this is reflected in her personal spiritual practices and professional services.


Healing is a life long process. The sampling of services available through Sanctum are intended to awaken each individual’s capacity for meaningful change. Bridging the gap between mainstream support systems and the holistic approach is the cornerstone of Ambika’s work. Whether it be through intuitive consultations or structured workshops, her desire is to empower each individual to explore the possibilities available to them without reservation or fear.”






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