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“Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.” ~ Arnold H. Glasgow

Choosing a good date is like planting the seed at the right time so that you have a good harvest. Every day there is a different energy suitable for various activities. This energy of the day is an added support to help you carry out the project with minimum complications and bring out the best possible result.

If you are planning an important event, it is best to choose a good date to activate or start the event. Such event could be planning a wedding, moving to a new house, launching a new business plan, official opening of your company, starting a renovation etc.

Date Selection consultation will pick the best possible date, by studying your personal BaZi chart, to match your intended event.

Charges for Date Selection consultation:

  • (A) NT$1,300 ~ 1 date based on 1 BaZi chart
  • (B) NT$3,300 ~ 1 date based on 2 BaZi chart eg wedding
  • (C) NT$33,000 ~ *New born birth date [for cesarean birth]

Email admin@heliosphere.biz with the following details::

  • Name
  • Telephone
  • Date & Time of Birth [Based on Gregorian calendar] & Sex~ for the person[s] involved
  • Description of the intended event eg moving house, launching new project
  • The execution time frame e.g any particular window period, weekdays or weekends etc

* Date Selection is also available for choosing a good birth date for new born [for caesarean birth only]. With the birth date of this new born, the child’s destiny would influence his/her family. As this is a time consuming & important exercise, we will need at least one month’s notice to pick the best possible dates within a given 10 days window period. We will also go through with the parents to make a date decision. For this exercise, there will be additional information required which we will advise via email.





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